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Helpful Hints for Organising Your Special Day, by Our Fairy Godmothers!

Involve your nearest and dearest

Planning a wedding can be a daunting and often stressful task for the most organised of people, so don’t try to do everything yourselves. Family and friends will be delighted to be part of the planning and preparation but whilst it is important to respect and consider the wishes of those closest to you, it is your day and you should not feel obliged to go along with something you don’t want, just to keep the peace.

Consider the benefits of hiring a wedding planner

Many people think of wedding planners as an unnecessary expense, when in fact their knowledge and expertise can often save you money, not to mention a great deal of time and stress.  They will also pay attention to details that you may not have even thought of, and a true professional is guaranteed to deliver within your allocated budget.

Maintain your budget 

You have probably heard this numerous times since your engagement but unless money is no object, it is essential that you determine your budget and stick to it.

You will find throughout the planning and organisation of your big day that you will be overwhelmed with information, ideas and advice from family, friends, magazines and wedding shows. Just remember to do your homework, make the most of the talents and skills of family and friends, and with your own personal touches, you can have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank.

Style your wedding

Styling your wedding is no longer about choosing a colour and ensuring that everything matches.  The secret is to focus on one key aspect (e.g. the venue, the dress, etc) and style your wedding around that.

The effective use of colour is key to achieving a stylish wedding; blend different shades together rather than opting for one colour.  For example, chocolate brown, gold, terracotta and ivory is a stunning combination for Autumn weddings, and don’t be afraid to experiment with texture.  Textured linen helps to create a luxurious and eloquent feel, if that is the look you are seeking.

Finally, don’t be afraid to introduce a theme.  Subtle theming is becoming increasingly popular at weddings, and can be introduced through stationery, favours, table décor/centrepieces, lighting and entertainment.  It is the personal touches that you add that will reflect your personalities, tastes and interests… the day is about you after all!

Don't neglect your venue

The majority of your special day will be spent at your wedding venue, so don’t overlook venue dressing when preparing your budget.  There is nothing quite like hearing the gasps of amazement as guests enter a beautifully dressed venue; it plays almost as important part in creating ‘wow’ factor as the dress itself!

Invest in 'good' entertainment

The key to getting your reception going with a swing is to ensure that your guests enjoy the entertainment.  A band or DJ can ‘make or break’ any celebration, so it is crucial that you do your homework before booking any act, and where possible, go on recommendation.

A good/reputable act will have a website and should be able to forward you a demo CD/DVD of their performance.  To be absolutely sure, don’t be shy to ask for testimonials.   

If budget permits, there is nothing quite like a live band and for those with a little cash left over, book a surprise act to bring something extra to the evening, for example, cabaret dancers.

Hire a videographer

Watching a professionally recorded and edited film of your wedding is the closest that you will ever get to reliving what should be one of the happiest days of your lives.

Most videographers will stay throughout the day and evening, capturing parts of your wedding day that a photograph may not, for example, Uncle Shadrach's outrageous dance moves...

Like your photographs, a film of your day is something to look forward to as you return from honeymoon – an opportunity to evoke those wonderful memories, and the perfect excuse to get everyone together again!

Keep it real

No amount of planning and contingencies can guarantee that your day will run exactly to plan, so be realistic. 

Whilst you have every right to expect perfection on your special day, there will be plenty of people around to deal with any mishaps so try not to let anything spoil your day.  If you can feel yourself getting worked up, just take a glance at your beloved and remember what the day is really about.


As you feel the nerves starting to take a hold, remember that you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life with the person that you are in love with.  Take comfort in the fact that you will be surrounded by family and friends - people that love you.  Make the most of every second and take time throughout the day to stand back with your new spouse to take it all in.  And finally ladies, remember… a happy bride is a beautiful bride!

Be prepared for an anti-climax

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting things that will ever do, so it stands to reason that after the big day itself, you will experience a range of emotional highs and lows.  As you jet off on honeymoon, spare a thought for your nearest and dearest - the chances are that they will be feeling exactly the same, so a bouquet of flowers for Mom, or a phone call to Dad, will go a long way.

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